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    Adapters and Converters

    Adapters and Converters
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    Folksafe HD Video Ground Loop Isolator

    R 151.00 excl vat

    HDCVT 1-4 HDMI Splitter 50m Over CAT6

    R 3 121.00 excl vat

    HDCVT 4K VGA to HDMI Converter

    R 771.00 excl vat

    HDCVT 8x8 HDMI Matrix over Single CAT5 50m

    R 32 695.00 excl vat

    HDCVT Analog to Digital Converter

    R 267.00 excl vat

    HDCVT AV / SD to VGA Converter

    R 326.00 excl vat

    HDCVT BNC / SV to VGA Converter

    R 326.00 excl vat

    HDCVT Digital 2-Way Audio Converter

    R 355.00 excl vat

    HDCVT Digital to Analog Converter

    R 222.00 excl vat

    HDCVT HDMI to AV Converter

    R 445.00 excl vat

    Adapters and Converters

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