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    HDMI Switches

    HDMI Switches
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    HDCVT 3x1 HDMI 4k Switch

    R 307.00 excl vat R 256.00 excl vat

    HDCVT 4x1 HDMI 2.0 Switch with Audio

    R 1 010.00 excl vat R 843.00 excl vat

    HDCVT 4x1 HDMI 4k Switch with Audio

    R 1 154.00 excl vat R 964.00 excl vat

    HDCVT 4x1 HDMI 4k Switch with PIP

    R 739.00 excl vat R 617.00 excl vat

    HDCVT 5x1 HDMI 4k Switch

    R 469.00 excl vat R 392.00 excl vat

    HDCVT HDMI 4k Bi-directional Switcher 1x2 2x1

    R 271.00 excl vat R 246.00 excl vat

    HDCVT4x1 HDMI 1.3 Swtich

    R 6 492.00 excl vat R 5 422.00 excl vat

    HDMI Switches


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