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    High-performance Player

    High-performance Player
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    Giada BQ67 Barebone

    R 2 239.00 excl vat

    Giada D67 i3-7100U 2xDDR4 2133Mhz 1xRS232

    R 6 035.00 excl vat

    Giada D67 i5-7200U 2xDDR4 2133Mhz 1xRS232

    R 7 423.00 excl vat

    GIADA D68 I3 8145U 2XDDR4 M.2/MSATA HDMI

    R 6 283.00 excl vat

    GIADA D68 I5 8265U 2XDDR4 M.2/MSATA HDMI

    R 8 402.00 excl vat

    Giada DE67 i3-7200U 2xDDR3L 1600Mhz

    R 6 719.00 excl vat

    Giada DE67 i5-7200U 2xDDR3L 1600Mhz

    R 8 740.00 excl vat

    GIADA DF68 I3 8145U 2XDDR4 M.2 HDMI

    R 6 625.00 excl vat

    GIADA DF68 I5 8265U 2XDDR4 M.2 HDMI

    R 9 206.00 excl vat

    Giada F105D Fanless Celeron N3450 2GB

    R 3 604.00 excl vat

    Giada F110D Fanless Celeron J1900 2xRJ45

    R 3 020.00 excl vat

    High-performance Player

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