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    International Sales

    Reliable Stock Sourcing:

    Universe Direct is a source supplier. The product that we sell comes from our parent company, which is one of the leading asset recovery company in South Africa, additionally we have sourcing agreements globally to procure stock. The vast majority of our products come directly from South Africa's largest corporations. We primarily carry Tier-One equipment. Tier-One is the industry term referring to the top manufactured brands. In laptops, desktops and servers Tier-One includes Dell, Compaq, HP and IBM. We have tested and own all of the equipment that we sell.
    Universe Direct is a volume distributor. We sell to end-users, dealers, resellers and wholesalers. We specialize in all quantities of sales in Desktops, Laptops, Servers and Parts etc. Our customers throughout the world have come to depend on Universe Direct as the most dependable source for consistent supply of product and consistent quality of tested equipment. We have a dependable supply of quality, tested products that you can rely on. We make buying and selling used technology equipment simple and easy for our customers.

    Trading Terms & Conditions for International Sales:

    Standard payment terms are T/T wire transfer prior to shipment on all orders. Proof of TT can be faxed to +27 21 551 3252+27 21 551 3252 or emailed to Local enquiries can be made to
    Credit card payment may be accepted for existing customers only, or on domestic orders. Please note that on domestic orders only South Africa Credit Cards will be accepted.
    We DO NOT accept international credit cards as payment.

    All international sales require a signed Purchase Agreement prior to processing order. Please note that confirmation of payment must be made before goods can be shipped.

    Returns (RMA or Return Merchandise Authority) - International Sales ONLY:

    Universe Direct Pty Limited will not reimburse for any shipping, insurance or C.O.D. charges.
    All product returns must be sent back in original packaging. Damage done to equipment due to poor packaging will be the responsibility of the customer that shipped it.
    Returns must be made within the product's (seven) 7-day period. Customers must fax their RMA request to our offices within this period. Return requests outside of this period will not be considered for return/repair.
    A return authorization (RMA or Return Merchandise Authorization) is required before shipping product back for credit/refund/exchange. This RMA number must be written on the outer packaging when shipped back and a copy of the RMA document must be included in the box with the equipment. This document will be faxed to customer prior to shipment occurring to ensure that it is attached.
    Defective Product. In the event that a product is received "defective", a return number (RMA) is required in order to return the "defective" product for credit/refund/exchange. In the event that Universe Direct Pty Limited does not have a replacement product, Universe Direct Pty Limited will issue a credit for the amount of the product, which can be used for future or current purchases.

    Warranty - International Sales:

    New, Refurbished or Working Products. Carry a 30-day Warranty, unless otherwise stated/agreed. The warranty and each item will be stated on your invoice. Warranty does
    not include minor cosmetic damages that do not affect the functionality of the system, such as latches and slight scratches. Batteries carry no warranty. If there are issues with
    the battery they must be address within 7 days of receiving goods from our offices. We stamp or sticker all of our parts. Warranty is void if Universe Direct labels are tampered
    with or removed.
    Warranty is void if parts are switched or exchanged or if the system is taken apart. Also, we cannot warrant any system in which problems were caused by attempted software
    loading or reloading.

    Cargo Charges - International Sales:

    Customers are responsible for all shipping charges. At the time of order placement, please identify shipping method desired. Unless specified, all orders are shipped with Premier Freight, this does not include insurance. Insurance can be taken at 4% of invoice value excluding vat/courier and other administrative charges. Your invoice will reflect all shipping charges. If freight is arranged by the customer, there is no packaging and handling charge.

    Cargo Services - International Sales:

    Universe Direct Pty Limited can provide door-to-port shipping to virtually any location internationally. It is the customers responsibility to pay for shipping costs, however we will provide a shipping quote that includes all types of shipping alternatives and costs.

    As part of our overall quality control we continue to make improvements to packing and shipping. Our goal is to protect the integrity of the products that we sell during the shipping process in an effort to minimize error, maximized the protection of the products and to expedite the time it takes for you to receive your order. To help ensure the highest degree of accuracy in picking orders, we photograph outgoing shipments, documenting the condition of merchandise as it leaves our warehouse docks. Moreover, we provide a detailed invoice , documenting what has been packed and serial numbers to ensure that the order you placed matches with the one that was picked and shipped.

    Laptop Shipping:

    Notebooks come securely packed in specially designed 1 or 2 slot boxes with Carry Bags provided. 36cm X 21cm" X 41cm.

    Single unit boxes weigh 6.2kg - whilst double unit boxes weight 12.4kg.

    We can fit 18 boxes or 36 units of notebooks per pallet.

    Approximate weight and dimensions per pallet. 48" X 44" X 60" Weights including pallet = 223kg

    Desktop Shipping:

    Computers are packed between 34-60 systems per pallet depending on the chassis size.

    Tracking Number:

    Once your order has been shipped we typically email you the tracking number for your order so that you can determine its location in transit and approximate delivery time. In the event that you have arranged shipment, you can track your consignment. We have partnered with two major courier agents as listed below. For urgent small consignments either DHL or FedEx are utilized.

    Customer Arranged Shipping:

    When arranging your own shipping, please be sure to first contact are despatch department to set up a pick up time. He can be reached by calling + 27 21 551-6254+ 27 21 551-6254..

    Also, with all freight pick ups we will first need a Bill of Lading (BOL) before any orders can be released. This will ensure that the correct order will be released to the proper customer.

    We release product for shipment after we have received payment. All orders must be paid in full prior to shipment.

    Please note there may be charges for packaging and preparation of consignments - depending on location for which items are to shipped.

    Quality Test & Repair:

    Universe Direct Pty Limited can repair Laptops or Desktops and return them for continued use, or we can repair systems to maximize the trade-in value. Our relationship with OEMs allows access to replacement parts that can add value to the PCs we process.
    After being logged into our database, equipment is sent through one of several process lines for test & diagnosis. Trained technicians inspect, cosmetically grade and functionally test each system. Systems that fail test are directed to the repair area.

    We repair failing units when it is economically justified. Desktop & Laptop equipment that is not repairable will have useable parts harvested, such as hard drives, memory, motherboards, etc.

    Another part of our testing process is data erasure. Reformatting or "F-disking" the hard drive does not remove all the data stored on the drive. Universe Direct Pty Limited performs thorough data destruction on each hard drive in every system that goes through our process. Therefore, every system will have a functional and blank hard drive for your use upon receipt of system. If shipped with a licensed Operating System, the software will be installed onto the unit.

    Laptop Quality Control:

    As our systems move through our testing process they are also assigned a cosmetic grade. As we work with refurbished equipment, every unit will experience some degree of imperfection. Our goal is to set your expectations early on to avoid any miscommunication in the ordering process. We grade units cosmetically as A and B units and price them accordingly.

    Grade A Laptops - The laptop and laptop parts are tested, working and functionally complete. The batteries are tested to hold a charge for a minimum of 40 minutes. An AC Adapter is included with each unit. The hard drives are wiped and will require partitioning and formatting prior to use. If a licensed operating system is with the unit - the operating system will be installed. Cosmetically, units will show typical wear associated with the age and use of the unit. They may have cosmetic imperfections such as scratches, mars and dents. We do limit LCD displays to minor marks on the screen that do not affect the viewing area when powered on.

    Grade B Laptops - The laptops and laptop parts are tested and functionally complete. The battery is tested to hold a charge. An AC Adapter is included with each unit. The hard drives are wiped and will require partitioning and formatting prior to use. a licensed operating system is with the unit - the operating system will be installed. These units will have cosmetic damage. Defects may include scratches, mar K s & dents, making it unacceptable as a Grade A. They may have missing or cracked hinge covers, bezels or missing screws. The parts may be cracked or have broken latches. The may also be mars, dents or blotches on the LCD screen. LCD may show marks in the viewable area when powered off. When these units are sold to a customer they will (a) be informed of such issues (b) charged according to damage of the unit;

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