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    Battery Warranty Policy

    Refurbished Laptop Battery Warranty Policy

    It is important to note that the batteries in our refurbished laptops are tested to hold a charge. Universe Direct does not promise or commit to a minimum battery discharge / run time.

    When in use, the laptop may display warnings about the health of the battery. These warnings are not grounds for replacement.

    Our warranty policy states that a laptop battery will only be replaced under warranty when (a) it has been received in non-functional condition (i.e. it does not hold any charge) and the fault is reported within the first 7 days after purchase, or (b) when the battery was purchased new. With the latter, the battery is included in the laptop’s initial 12 month carry-in warranty.

    To ensure optimum performance from the battery, we strongly recommend that a new battery be purchased with a refurbished laptop.

    To order a new battery, or for pricing information, please contact our sales team on 021 551 6254, or email

    For technical assistance or information, please contact our technical team on 021 551 6254, or email


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