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    Operating Rental Solutions

    Have you thought about renting your IT equipment through Dell Financial Services?

    Purchasing equipment up front depletes your organization's cash reserves or can dramatically increase debt. In the acquisition and management of computer equipment with a useful life of less than five years, financial common sense prescribes that it is less expensive to rent than to buy.

    Traditional funding usually leaves your organization with outdated equipment at the end the term. No organization can afford to hold on to obsolete technology. Can yours?

    Maximize Your Financial Advantage
    Your rental payments can be treated as an off balance sheet operating expense. By comparison, the cost of purchasing or the traditional leasing of equipment must be treated as a capital expense, thus having a negative impact on your balance sheet.

    Take Full Control
    Use our 24-hour Online Contract Management programme to access comprehensive information about your rented assets including machine specifi cations, locations and invoice numbers. You can also use our comprehensive insurance option providing lowest cost peace of mind.

    Predict Your Cashflow
    Through the DFS rental programme all your equipment and its associated costs will be covered by a fixed quarterly payment without escalation. This allows you to minimize and easily predict your cash flow as well as hedge against inflation.

    Avoid Major Cash Outlays
    By renting your equipment through DFS you avoid major cash outlays, protect your reserves and plan your cash flow. Your cash or equity can therefore be invested in the highest yielding projects of your core business.

    Leave Equipment Disposal To Us
    At the end of your contract you may return the equipment to us. You are not left with obsolete equipment or the need to realize value for that equipment. Our expertise is in re-renting the equipment to alternate tier users through our established resources. The time and cost associated with disposal disappears.

    BenefitsCashFinance LeaseDFS Rentals
    Financial advantages of rental in capital and account reporting--Yes
    No major cash outlay-YesYes
    All equipment and intangibles including hardware, software, maintenance and services can be covered by a single quarterly payment--Yes
    Ability to exchange percentages of installed rented asset base during the contract term--Yes
    Rental terms may be shortened or extended  --Yes
    Cost centre reporting and Online Contract Management --Yes
    Orderly asset replacement programme --Yes
    Total acquisition management in a self-regulating environment--Yes
    Sale of existing unused or redundant equipment --Yes

    Operating Rental Solutions

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