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    Don’t let IT asset disposal become a headache for your company!
    Universe Direct prioritises secure asset disposal.
    Universe Direct prioritises secure asset disposal.

    With a distinguished 26-year history in IT asset disposal (ITAD), Universe Direct proudly maintains full compliance with the POPI Act, assuring responsible handling of your company’s sensitive data. Its extensive clientele boa...

    Universe Direct's big move!
    Universe Direct employees.
    Universe Direct employees.

    Africa’s largest distributor of factory refurbished hardware celebrates its 25th year in the industry!

    This landmark anniversary coincides with a momentous transition, the relocation and expansion of Universe Direct from its longstanding address in ...

    Five reasons why you should buy a refurbished server!

    Universe Direct started in 1997 building own-brand computers. Today, we are the largest seller of reconditioned computer equipment in Africa.

    Universe Direct buys pre-owned top brand name IT equipment, recycles, reconditions and sells or rents it to businesses, educational ins...

    Need a server? Call us: Universe Direct!

    A server is made to manage, store, send information and process data all the time. A server works 24 hours a day and is extremely reliable compared to a desktop.

    Servers not only help your business with data storage, but they will also improve efficiency and productivity. As e...

    Free up cash: Short-term rental of IT equipment and computers!

    One of the most important decisions you have to make when running a business is whether to buy or rent IT and computer equipment. Both buying and renting IT equipment have their pros and cons, but more and more companies are beginning to rely on renting computer equipment and other technology.


    Retiring or disposing of assets?

    Universe Direct has a 24-year track record in the refurbishment and disposal of used IT equipment (ITAD) in a way that is fully compliant with the POPI Act.

    "We have disposed, refurbished and recycled IT assets for many of South Africa’s best-known companies and institutions. ...

    Turn your unused IT assets into CASH

    We offer cash for your laptops and PC hardware. So, if you know it’s time to get rid of your old equipment, sell your hardware to us. Universe Direct is South Africa’s largest distributor of refurbished IT equipment.

    "Asset disposal for cash is an easy process that benefits your business in more ...

    A little R & R goes a long way! Universe Direct

    At Universe Direct, R & R means refurbished and rentals. Just as rest and recreation is a positive solution to the time we find ourselves in today, so Universe Direct's R & R solution will have an immediate positive effect on your balance sheet (ROA – return on assets).

    If you...

    Universe Direct takes up Jerusalema Challenge

    Universe Direct has heeded the President's call and stepped up on Heritage Day to do the Jerusalema Challenge.

    Business is booming
    COVID-19 has produced a crisis in the workforce, the economy and the world over. However, lockdown and the resulting work-from-home “new normal” has been one of the largest factors contributing to the unprecedented demand for refurbished IT equipment. Restricted imports leading to constr...
    Call centre boom: Cape Town scores

    The call centre industry is showing growth and resilience amid this pandemic and trends indicate that Cape Town and South Africa are well-placed to provide call centre  bases for international clients.

    Business process outsourcing (BPO) played a vital role in offering suppo...

    Bang for your buck. Buy refurbished!

    For Universe Direct, refurbished means that previously opened or used products have undergone a rigorous refurbishing process to achieve the highest possible global quality and performance standards.

    Everyone needs technology these days, whether it is a PC, laptop, server, tablet or cellphone.

    0 Refurbished IT equipment in huge demand!

    Coronavirus, lockdown and the resulting work-from-home “new normal” has been one of the largest factors contributing to the unprecedented demand for refurbished IT equipment.

    Restricted imports leading to constrained supplies of new equipment may be another important ...

    0 Making 'work from home' transition effortless!

    The coronavirus pandemic has forced many companies to embrace work-from-home solutions. For some, the transition may just become the “new normal”.

    Facebook founder and chief executive Mark Zuckerberg told staff it was "aggressively opening up remote hiring" in July. He expects...

    Grow your business without the stress of compromising your bottom line!

    Right now, one of the first questions you should ask whenever you are considering investing in an asset for your business should be: “Do I really need to purchase this?”

    Time and costs are a major factor in sourcing assets, and often, businesses will feel they only have two op...

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