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    Need a server? Call us: Universe Direct!

    A server is made to manage, store, send information and process data all the time. A server works 24 hours a day and is extremely reliable compared to a desktop.

    Servers not only help your business with data storage, but they will also improve efficiency and productivity. As employees can access data and information from any workstation, it means they can work from home, while travelling or from a different office.

    A server uses a range of tools to ensure all of the information is encrypted as it is saved, allowing those who chose to download it on the other end to have a safe file which will not affect their desktop or laptop in any way. By having all your employee information and data stored on a server, it can be backed up reliably and quickly, meaning no disruption to daily work. With frequent backups, it also makes it a lot easier for your employees to access the information from different workstations.

    On the most basic level, when you type in a URL in your Internet browser (like Chrome, Safari or Explorer), your computer communicates with the server hosting that Web site to get the data to pull the site up on your machine. Your personal computer is designed to communicate with humans, but servers are designed to communicate with other computers.

    Universe Direct is providing businesses with refurbished IT equipment and servers. “At present we have a wide range of servers in stock,” says Andrew Craig, owner of Universe Direct. The demand has come from the new work from home scenario and our entrance into the BPO market.

    Universe Direct is South Africa’s largest distributor of refurbished IT equipment and we pride ourselves on our ongoing guarantee of both equipment, onsite and remote service.

    Universe Direct offers a standard three-year parts replacement warranty on servers and has extended warranty options available upon request.

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