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    Refurbished IT equipment in huge demand!

    Coronavirus, lockdown and the resulting work-from-home “new normal” has been one of the largest factors contributing to the unprecedented demand for refurbished IT equipment.

    Restricted imports leading to constrained supplies of new equipment may be another important factor to consider in the explosion of this market.

    Refurbished equipment has always been a low-cost alternative to new or white-box products. The misconception that they're not as good, or don't carry the same spec or security as ‘brand new’ just isn’t the case. Buying from a recognised supplier like Universe Direct will get you exactly the same design, spec and service as you would if you bought brand new, but without the hefty invoice.

    “Universe Direct is South Africa’s largest distributer of refurbished IT equipment. We buy in pre-owned top brand name IT equipment, recycle, recondition and sell or rent it to businesses or private individuals," says Andrew Craig, owner of Universe Direct.

    “Pre-owned equipment is shipped to Universe Direct where it undergoes the rigorous process of being 'scrubbed' of all personal data and audited to the highest international standard. (US Department of Defence standard) and we pride ourselves in our ongoing guarantee of both equipment and on-site and remote service."

    The decision to buy refurbished hardware often comes down to this: Maximising the IT budget and return on investment. Businesses that use refurbished equipment know that it's possible to buy IT equipment in good to like-new condition without sacrificing quality, reliability or performance.

    Universe Direct is a leader in sourcing and selling quality refurbished PCs, laptops, servers, switches, tablets and cellphones. “We set the standard when it comes to quality IT hardware at exceptional prices and consistent, personalised service,” says Craig.

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