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    Warranty Policy

    Refubished Warranty Policy

    Understanding Your Refurbished Warranty

    Our refurbished PCs are sold with a 12-month carry-in hardware warranty. As such, any hardware fault encountered within the first year of purchase, will be covered by this warranty.


    Warranty for Business-to-Business (B2B) and Resellers:

    We offer a free Collect & Return Warranty to all customers in Cape Town and close surroundings.

    For all B2B and Reseller customers outside of Cape Town, we offer a Collect and Replace Warranty, where Universe Direct will collect the faulty unit / part and replace with a working unit / part, at our expense.

    All Collect & Return / Collect & Replace Warranties are subject to an initial remote support session, to evaluate if the issue can be solved remotely.


    Hardware faults within 7 working days of receipt (Non-B2B Customers):

    Should you encounter a hardware fault within the first 7 working days of receiving an item, Universe Direct will arrange to have the item collected and fixed / replaced at our expense if the issue cannot be resolved remotely.

    It is of the utmost importance that out-of-box failures be reported immediately, as to ensure that the issue is resolved as speedily as possible.

    Out-of-box failures can be reported by calling our technical support line on 021 551 6254 or by emailing


    Hardware faults outside of 7 working days after receipt (Non-B2B Customers):

    Customers will be required to return the faulty item(s) to Universe Direct, at their expense. Alternatively, you can contact us on 021 551 6254 and request a quotation on our Collect & Return service. Upon acceptance of the quotation, Universe Direct will arrange the collection and return on the customer's behalf.

    Please note that the quotation is subject to the number and weight of items to be collected and returned.

    For technical assistance or information, please contact our technical team on 021 551 6254, or email


    Battery Warranty Policy

    Refurbished Laptop Battery Warranty Policy

    The battery received in the laptop, is governed by the same 12-month carry-in hardware warranty as the rest of the hardware components.


    As with any other fault, if it is reported within the first 7 working days after receipt, the battery will be replaced and /or shipped at Universe Direct’s expense.


    Battery faults found / reported after the first 7 working days after receipt, are subject to our standard carry-in warranty policy, and will require that the customer return the faulty item(s) at their own expense.

    To ensure optimum performance from the battery, we strongly recommend that a new battery be purchased with a refurbished laptop.

    To order a new battery, or for pricing information, please contact our sales team on 021 551 6254, or email

    For technical assistance or information, please contact our technical team on 021 551 6254, or email


    Manufacturer Warranty Policy

    Understanding Your Manufacturer Warranty 

    All new / ex-demo PCs, bought from Universe Direct, are covered by a manufacturer warranty. This means that the warranty service is provided by the manufacturer.

    To ensure that warranty issues are resolved as speedily as possible, we ask that our customers contact the manufacturer directly in the event of a warranty claim.

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